Festival Season Nail Art

Hey y’all! Happy Friday.

 So, I’m in Austin, Texas where we definitely have our fair share of live music: festivals, concerts every night of the week, or my fave – jazz at the local grocery store (not joking even a little bit). Festival season hasn’t really kicked off here just yet. But with all the Coachella buzz going on, I had to start a little early and jump on the festival nail train. I love any design with some southwest style or vibes, so you can understand how this might be my new favorite nail trend. Here are four looks that I’ve been loving lately.

Tribal Print Nails

I love everything about this design: the colors, the glitter, the intricacy of it – everything! I used my thinnest striping brush to create a diamond-like design atop of my orange and peach blended back ground. Keep reading to see how I make the blended backgrounds on my nails!

Colors used ??:

@opi_products – Hot N Spicy @essiepolish – too too hot, excuse me sur, garden variety, rock at the top, getting groovy, blanc, licorice & @maxusnails base + top coat

90’s Watercolor Nails

There’s something about white nails! I feel so fancy when my nails are this color, it’s like a french manicure but SO MUCH BETTER, because french manicures are boring (IMO 🙂 ).  I am seriously obsessed with this type of design recently too (hence where there are two similar styles back to back!)! It’s so unique, allows you to blend a bunch of colors, and it’s sparkly. You just can’t go wrong.

To achieve this look, I like to paint the nail with a base color (white, 3 coats), and use a quick dry top coat over top. Next, put a small dot of one color on a piece of foil and dip your striping brush in nail polish remover. Swirl the brush and the color together to thin it out. Then, draw a line on your foil to get the excess polish off. This is like the dry brush technique, we want streaky, piece-y lines. Then draw some random lines on your nails. Not too many! Repeat this with the other colors. After you finish, I like to add some lines over the colored streaks with the base color. Repeat the same process with thinning it out, so that it blends well, rather than looking like you’re trying to cover it up. I also LOVE adding glitter because I just believe it pulls everything together flawlessly and it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Colors used ??:

@essiepolish: blanc, all the wave, peach side babe, @deco.miami: petite palm, #slay, bubble tea, @maxusnails top coat

Tag me @karanailedit if you try because I need to see 🙂

Banana Leaf Nails

I’ve been seeing these prints everywhere recently, so I had to make it tiny and put it on my nails. This might look intimidating, but I figured out a trick! Paint a general leaf-y, diamond-y shape with the green. Next, draw tiny lines of purple inward to make the ridges in the leaves. It makes it look so much more difficult, but all you have to draw are basic shapes 🙂 Then I used a lighter green to draw the lines in the middle to complete the look.

Colors used:

@deco.miami Bubble Tea and Petite Palm,

@essiepolish on the roadie

and @maxusnails shiny top coat ✨

Southwestern Cacti Nails

These are my all time fave festival nail. You just have to do cacti. You have to! I especially love these nails because they were my entry for The Essie’s Nail Art Awards and guess what: I’M MOVING ON TO THE NEXT ROUND! Woo!!! Thanks so much to everyone and anyone who voted for me. I can’t even believe you’re taking time out of your day to vote for ME. It’s amazing & I’m so thankful 🙂 There will be another round of voting in less than a month. So I’ll be sure to update the blog with that design and the details and what not. Here’s the video for a tutorial of these nails! I highly highly HIGHLY recommend putting cacti on your nails. It’s life changing 🙂

What’s your fave festival look? I hope these tips were helpful! I can’t get enough of this type of style, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more.

As always, tag me on instagram  if you recreate a look of mine because it’s honestly the coolest thing and I love seeing your work or reinterpretation 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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