Festive Cactus Nails

Festive Cactus Manicure

Hi guys,

I love love love celebrating holidays on my nails.

You know, I didn’t dress up for Halloween, but I painted a black cat on my nails, so I think that sufficed.

I have been busy testing out some holiday & winter & Christmas-themed nail art ideas this week. As you may know, I live in Texas, so I pretty much had to start out with a Festive Cactus manicure. I mean, if I had a yard, I would totally decorate my saguaros like this too.

Festive Cactus Nail Art


I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to paint a cactus on my nails. It just takes a steady hand, and a little patience to perfect.

Lets get into it:

FestiveCactus Manicure
I used these nail art polishes to achieve this look.
  • Draw a line where you want your cactus to be. Draw over it a few times to get the thickness that you want.

Festive Cactus Manicure

  • Add two small “swooshes” on both sides of the cactus. Try to make one arm slightly higher than the other one. See the image for an idea.

Festive Cactus Manicure

  • Draw tiny black lines in a zig-zag pattern on the main stalk of the cactus, these are the rope for the lights. Using a small dotting tool, or toothpick, add tiny dots along the “rope” to act as the lights. You can use whatever color suits your fancy here, and I definitely suggest adding some glitter for some pizzazz.

Festive Cactus Manicure

Finish your design with a topcoat to seal in the design.

Festive Cactus Manicure


Thank you all for checking out my post. I hope you try it out and tag my in a picture if you do at @karanailedit on Instagram! Be sure to follow along for more nail art ideas & musings.

Stay tuned for more festive art work coming very very soon…

Happy Holidays!



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